A blockchain-based
smart farming ecosystem featuring
decentralized marketplace

Agricultural BlockChain-based
Distributed Ecosystem

A Blockchain Based
Smart Farming

A Blockchain Based
Smart Farming

Welcome To Agrow

Mahadeo Jadhav

An Enterprise-driven blockchain ecosystem for agriculture sector that would allow farmers to sell their crops directly to retailers, exporters/importers, super markets chain, hotel industries, consumers, etc., without relying on the traditional multi-level distribution structure. Each farmer on the platform is registered using biometric verification, and get allotted with a unique meta ID. This meta information in a long run provides businesses and consumers a complete description of farmer’s land and the quality of crops they harvest like organic or non-organic, etc. They will also be able to preserve their crops using the facilities of brick-and-mortar cold storage and warehouse network.

"Agrow will become the best platform for both producers and consumers by drastically eliminating the complicated, high cost multi level distribution structures with entry barriers"

Shri Mahadeo Jadhav, Founder & CMD, Atulya Group

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Agrow Overview

Projects in the pipeline

As part of a larger initiative, the Atulya Group is setting up 12 cold storage facilities across Maharashtra and Gujarat, 20 hectares of hydroponics in Maharashtra and bringing 20,000 hectares under contract farming by 2020. The company has already set up storage facilities with a capacity of 2,500 tonnes of onions across five acres in Parner in Maharashtra.

Development focus

Under contract farming, over 4,000 acres across Maharashtra and Gujarat are being cultivated. The platform is looking at more number of contracts with farmers in Gujarat to grow 5,000 tonnes of pomegranates per year.

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Structure of Agrow platform

Agrow Mart

Decentralized marketplace to enable P2P trading between farmers and consumers

Agrow Contracts

P2P contract farming using smart contracts technology

Agrow Chain

Blockchain-powered supply chain management solutions.

Agrow Data

Immutable repository of farmers and their crop profiles


Storage unit network all across India to protect crop production.


For producers/farmers, buyers/consumers, logistic & service providers, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides suppliers, technology & equipment suppliers, financial institutions.

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